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Place of Refuge 3d mock up book cover

Place of Refuge Available in ebook or paperback

She knew she was meant to be a mom. Her body disagreed. Will Heaven send a baby to a family full of love to give?

 Knoxville, 2007. Dyanna Jo Baskin couldn’t wait to bring a child into the world. So with a wonderful husband and loving stepdaughter by her side, she’s thrilled when she becomes pregnant after three years of trying. But just as the expectant mother begins reimagining their lives, she suffers a devastating miscarriage.

 Praying for God’s guidance while navigating her grief, Dyanna Jo and her spouse research foster care and adoption. But when several babies come and go so swiftly from their home, she wonders if the Lord wants their tribe to stay just the way it is.

 Will Dyanna Jo’s prayers for a permanent addition be answered?

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Little Miss Clara Short Story Cover

A Foster Short Story, Available as a digital download or an AI narrated audio version

Little Miss Clara has lost her stuffed turtle. An angel tells her she has her foster parents now and doesn't need it. Will she let it go?

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