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Have you ever felt like you’ve gone offline, spiritually? My family enjoys electronics and security. A few months back, our smart home turned into a dumb home. I have several cameras around my home and they started losing their connection to my Wi-Fi. Many times before, my cameras would do that and I would just restart them and they’d be fine. Quick fix, problem solved. But this time it started with one camera and nothing I did got it to reconnect. I checked everything. Should I turn it off and then on again? Did it need an update? I pondered what could be wrong and before I could figure it out, another camera went offline. Then another smart device went offline, and another, and another. I’d never had that many devices go offline all at once. 

I knew I had a problem. I racked my brain trying to figure out what it was. Then I realized I should check our Wi-Fi mesh system. A mesh system allows devices that are far away from the router to get a stronger signal. I installed the mesh system shortly after I got the cameras. I checked the signal strength throughout my house and everything seemed to work correctly. Then I realized, did the mesh system need an update? Sure enough, it did. Once the update finished, all our devices came back online. Definitely not a quick fix, but problem solved.

Sometimes You Just Need an Update

As I watched all the devices come back online, I thought about how sometimes I feel like I’ve gone offline spiritually. I’m doing what I know God wants me to do, but it feels like I’m a little off. At the end of the day, when I am ready for bed, I read my Bible, read a devotion and pray. I get into a routine and just continue doing the same things I’ve always done, every single day. It becomes a habit. Doing the same thing every day can cause us to get in a rut and ruts cause us to disconnect from God. Does my personal mesh system need an update? I need to reconnect with God. Change my routine, find a new devotion, and pray that God will lead me in my time with Him. Pray for God to send me an update so my signal strength can be renewed. Are you spiritually disconnected? Does your personal mesh system need an update? Call upon the Lord and ask Him to send you an update.

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